About us

Attention to detail and superior customer consideration have made Miami Wind Mitigation Inspection Professionals the leading company of re-inspection service in the State of Florida for over six years.  We have over 100,000 home inspections under our company’s belt, all owing to the expertise and high level of professionalism of our team members.  Our inspection specialists bring numerous years of experience to our team before undergoing an extensive training program, and all are required to go through continued education coursework.

At Miami Wind Mitigation Inspection Professionals, our inspection process ensures thorough assessment and a comprehensive follow up report.  This is true whether we’re hired by an insurer, a homeowner, a lender or other real estate professional.  Our experts are always available to offer advice and clarifications on our findings, and we include cost estimates for repairs where appropriate.  Our low price guarantee is proof that our company offers the best services at the best prices locally.  Because we have developed our reports in conjunction with industry standards and input from insurance companies, they have become an almost industry-wide accepted format.